Marketing Company Adelaide Tells the Top 3 Instagram Ad Best Practices

Instagram Ad Strategies

Instagram is a massive social media platform that, according to Statista, has over 800 million active users… a number that keeps growing.

As of 2021, Instagram is an undeniable platform that seems to be overlooked when compared to how popular Facebook advertising is. If you have yet to give Instagram a shot for marketing your business online, perhaps now is the time to try.

Why Instagram?

We’ve already told you how many users Instagram has, but another benefit of this social media platform is that it is owned by Facebook.

Facebook advertising has one of the best (if not the best) backend platforms for advertising. The reason Facebook makes so much money is the sheer amount of data they have and the user-friendly, premier advertiser interface that allows marketers to laser-target their advertisements.

The same is true for Instagram – advertisers have a lot of data about demographics, behavior, interests, and more that allow you the ability to show your ads to only the users you want to expose your brand to. Instagram takes data from Facebook to help you, the advertiser, better market your business and make the most of ad costs.

Instagram can be used to generate leads, increase exposure, increase website traffic, and, of course, directly lead to sales.

If you aren’t convinced of the power of Instagram marketing, take this; according to Instagram themselves, over 60% of users discover new products on Instagram.

The key to successful Instagram advertising is matching the right message to the right people, and engaging your target audience with video or image-based ads that work.

3 Instagram Marketing Best Practices

With such a large platform with a massive reach, there are so many ways to effectively advertise your business on Instagram.

However, here are 3 solid ‘best practices’ that you should consider when advertising on Instagram.

Make ‘Unskippable’ Ads

The first few seconds of your ads will determine whether users skip your ad or not.

Obviously, the goal is to engage the user right away so that they stay engaged in your ad until the very end – this way, you can convey your marketing message as intended.

Visually appealing ads with images, font, and text that grab your target audience are the key to success.

Be Efficient

No need to be long-winded – the faster you can get your marketing message across, the better.

It is a fact that attention spans are diminishing and, when users are on social media apps like Instagram, they aren’t ‘primed’ to pay attention to any type of media that resembles an advertisement.

So, the quicker you can get your messaging across the better your ad will be.

Also, make sure your brand name and logo are visible so that even if a user scrolls past your ad, it may still have an effect.

Be Smart With Text

Text on your Instagram ads should be placed properly; this means putting it where it will be seen and not missed by users who are only seeing your ad for a few seconds.

Use a font that is easily read and ‘striking’.

Get Help With Instagram Ads

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