Digital Marketing Planning: Tips from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 2

What To Do When You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy Overhaul

One of our responsibilities as a digital marketing agency in Adelaide is to keep ourselves constantly updated with new developments in the digital world. As most of you would know, the digital world, and in turn, the digital marketing landscape are dynamic, and are changing  quickly.

Thus, just like cars or any material things, your marketing strategies would often need a tune-up or refinement. This is to get rid of unnecessary and outdated tools and update your technology to make sure it can fully respond to the current needs of your business.

While you may wonder how to do it easily and successfully, here are some tips that you can use to do such overhaul to your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Be More Personal

Today’s business strategies focus more on appealing to your customers’ emotions in order to make them feel that you truly care. Gone were the days when you only had to use generic ads and generic email blasts to entice your people to do business with you.

Today, as marketers, you need to use all the information you have gathered about your customers and directly interact. For example, you need to send them personalised product recommendations via email to persuade them to visit your website or your physical store.

As a matter of fact, customers admit that they are encouraged to make more purchases from retailers who customise their online ads.

  1. Be Less Judgemental

However, when personalising your ads, do not think that only the young ones will be able to enjoy or understand them. Even baby boomers would be happy with retailers who can give them a customised shopping or ad experience.

Although admittedly the younger generation would be more technologically adept, that does not rule out the whole senior population. Would you try and sell dentures with a hip and young tone, and make it appear to be for people in their 20s?

It is less about being young and hip and more about truly getting to know your audience, and positioning your messaging according to their demographics.

  1. Be Consistent in Making Real-Time Recommendations

Remember that many shoppers are busy with their daily routine and would love the idea of getting real-time recommendations from retailers as this gives them a convenient shopping experience. This gives them chances of having more sales. Include this in your marketing strategy and you will surely see its tremendous effect on your business.

For instance, when shoppers purchase a couch, you can make recommendations of cushions and cushion covers. Shoppers will appreciate it when they feel that you are truly interested in their welfare and they would most likely feel comfortable doing business with you.

  1. Be More Consistent in Your Strategies to Win Back Your Old Customers

It is undeniable that some customers, especially those who have been satisfied with your services, tend to look for another business where they can make their purchases. Do not just allow them to fail to see how good your business is and how capable are you of catering to their needs.

Win them back! Do this through coordinated retargeting activities such as displaying ads and sending emails. These are effective as customers are receptive to them. Therefore, you should optimise your marketing campaign with strategies that can successfully tackle site and email abandonment.

More Digital Overhaul Tips from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

Doing a digital marketing strategy overhaul takes a lot of steps and can tackle several factors of the old strategy differently. Admittedly it can be quite the headache, but that is why agencies like ours are around to take the worry away from you.

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