Google AdWords Challenges: Tips from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 3

Are  You Killing Your Google AdWords Campaign?

Undeniably, one of the more challenging digital marketing activities for businesses is a Google Adwords. In our day-to-day work as an Adelaide digital marketing agency, we see many the many pitfalls that clients can find themselves in, just by making a couple of errors on their Adwords campaigns. And, that’s because Google Adwords is pretty damn complex – even Google has admitted Adwords campaigns are most likely too difficult for business to operate –

On the other hand, when you use Google AdWords correctly, you will experience its amazing power firsthand. It is indeed a powerful, efficient advertising platform that can make your business grow tremendously – but remember, that is IF you do it correctly.

To help out, here are the most common errors that can kill your Google AdWords campaign which can also be easily fixed.

When You Do Not Properly Direct Traffic

There are times when you use digital advertisements to direct traffic only to the home pages of your website. One good example is if you created an ad campaign which is intended to promote your website design services, many people who will click it are interested particularly in web design.

If the ad directs them to your homepage instead of your web design service page, you are making them have to look for the information they are looking for. At this point when people are expecting their answer to be right there, it would be too much of a hassle for them to start looking.

Thus it causes missed conversion opportunities. This could mean that you have just wasted the amount you spent for advertising.

When You Neglect Negative Keywords

This negative keywords feature allows you to exclude keywords that are not important to your business. Here is a good example: If your business deals with health insurance, it is a good idea if you add ‘car’ and ‘life’ to the negative keywords list.

This is simply because these are not the services you are offering, but people who search for ‘car insurance’ might still trigger the appearance of your ad. That is unless you have blocked that term as a negative keyword.

Targeting Extremely Broad Keywords

If you are a small business, targeting extremely broad keywords is not good for you as you might not be able to get the top spot for broad keywords such as ‘dresses’ or ‘insurance’.  This oftentimes works only for big businesses, as they have bigger budgets.

If you are a smaller business, you can do better when targeting precise and long-tail keywords – those that talk about the specific products or services you offer.  

When You Are Not Interested in Your ROI

It is understandable that for any marketing campaign does not necessarily become perfect at the start. That is why you have to determine what works and what does not.

However, if you are not interested in measuring your return on investment (ROI), you may not be able to figure it out as quickly or effectively

Too Hard? Outsource to an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

As a last note, Google Analytics goes hand in hand with your AdWords campaign in order to fully find out whether your ads succeed or fail. The data in Google Analytics allows you to easily see which aspect of your ads need to be improved for better results, and the best thing you can do is to consult those professionals who are experts in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

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