Digital Marketing Practices That Will Exist Post Covid-19 Pandemic

As the world tries to get back to normal after the covid-19 pandemic, it is important to consider how the post-covid-19 world will be with digital marketers. This is true especially for the investors who had already invested fortunes in the digital market trends due to the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are hopes in this regard.  Most of the consumer behavior changes and digital marketing trends brought about by the pandemic are projected to remain operational.

Top Three Digital Marketing Trends Poised to Stay Past the Pandemic

So, while it may be a smart idea to re-implement more virtual outdoor, foot traffic, and geo-fencing studies as the world is turning back to normal, you don’t need to redefine the whole of your marketing strategies.

Here are some of the digital marketing trends brought by Covid-19 and are projected to remain relevant thereafter-

The rise of Subscription TV Services & OTT usage

Following the rise of the pandemic across the globe, commercial streaming platforms witnessed a significant increase in viewers and subscriptions. For instance, 69% of Australian subscription TV users are subscribing to Netflix, followed by Stan – 36%.

With other streaming brands entering into this space, the trend is projected to keep rising. More people are expected to continue using these viewing platforms as compared to household advertisers.

Regardless of how you will use these platforms, the rate at which consumers choose subscription TV service is progressively growing, and digital marketers can be ahead of the competition by quickly investing in this area.

Online Shopping and The Rise of Amazon as A Search Engine.

Though the rapid growth of Amazon started before the pandemic, we cannot assume the boom it witnessed during covid-19 and how it has popularized online shopping.

It is no surprise how the online shopping chain gained so much in revenues last year. But what has surprised many is their growth in becoming a powerful product platform.

While Google has been known to be the one-stop search engine, more consumers currently start their product searches on Amazon than Google. Though this trend is poised to continue post-Covid-19, marketers shouldn’t abandon Google altogether as more people still prefer it as their top search option.

The Rise of Digital Audio & Podcasts

In a similar way that subscription TV has surpassed cable TVs, digital systems have also taken over the audio world. Though at the beginning of the pandemic, people were apprehensive of this trend as the listening time varied due to the stop of movement. However, what transpired, in reality, was the exact opposite. As per recent study 5.6 million Australians i.e. 26% of population in 2021 are weekly podcast listeners and that is a huge 53% increase prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regardless of where you are streaming from, the time spent using digital audio increased significantly during the pandemic and is expected to remain rising even after covid-19. It has opened an excellent marketing platform for advertisers in the future.


The pandemic indeed disrupted many things globally. However, it has also led to the innovations of new marketing trends to help people maintain their daily routines. As the world is slowly coming back to normal, it is wise to rethink your digital marketing strategies.

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