Inside Word Series: Insights from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 7

The Four Biggest Reasons Why Google AdWords Campaigns Fail

Most Adelaide digital marketing agency recognise what a big difference Google AdWords can make on a business’ overall marketing campaign. For those new to the term, AdWords is an advertising program developed by Google that allows the users to grow their business and reach new customers who are searching for products & services that your business sells.

Fuelled by interactive maps, reviews, photos and local business listings, online powerhouses like Google and Facebook have the power to turn prospects into loyal customers, and therefore paid search advertising will continue to be one of the most effective channels available for years to come. Implementing an AdWords campaign can be challenging but is manageable for the advertisers who take the time to understand how the search engine works and how AdWords plays a role in the online world.

Adwords campaigns are an essential advertising tool for developing brand awareness, increasing traffic and driving sales from buyers who are in the market ready to buy now. However, advertisers are often left wondering why their AdWords campaign failed. Here are the top four reasons why:

#1 – Keywords Are Too Loose

It has been said in a wide variety of articles, but it bears repeating. Google rewards relative keyword correspondence.

AdWords is all about relevance. All of the keywords within an ad group should be relative to the landing page they’ll lead to.

Not focusing on a particular area means your ads will be shown outside the certain area where your local business is situated.

#2 – Limited by Budget

AdWords campaigns in the mainstream industries can easily become successful with a decent budget. However, no matter how big or how small, the budget you have for your AdWords campaign should be effectively managed.

For small businesses, starting out means it is not all about visibility, but all about conversions. By lowering the bidding by approximately 30% from 50%, you will get a lower position and CTR, but you will also pay less per click.

#3 – Poor Landing Page

When people click on your ad, they expect to be taken directly to your product, not your homepage, and if that is not the case, they will probably choose another website. A landing page is an essential part of your AdWords campaign, and a good one can instantly double your leads from AdWords.

Not having a resolute, high-converting landing page is a huge mistake. It is important to match the browser’s expectations by directing the browser to a page that is correlated with the ad.

#4 – Forgetting to Optimise for Mobile

The average consumer spends more time on their phone than on a computer, which makes optimising your site for mobile devices is extremely crucial. If your ads direct smartphone users to your website, you want them to have a good experience and a positive impression of your business when they get there.

Consider the objective of mobile users in order to determine how to best reach them.

How an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Steer Clear of These Mistakes

Google Adwords is one of the most beneficial advertising platforms businesses can use to expand their online presence, and it would be a complete loss if your campaign would be neglected.

Analysing these top 4 aspects could reveal why your Adwords PPC campaigns failed. Once you find out the reason (or reasons) behind why your AdWords campaign is not performing, and learn how you could improve your efforts, you will be able to start making improvements.

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