Inside Word Series: Insights from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 8

The Three Secrets of a Well-Executed Google Remarketing Campaign

Most Adelaide digital marketing agencies would advocate adding Google remarketing to any Google Adwords campaign. We certainly do. Google remarketing is a great way to remind your website visitors about your brand and your product & services. Not only is remarketing highly targeted because you are only advertising to customers who have already visited your website, it is low cost because you only pay for the clicks. A final bonus of remarketing is that your brand gets literally thousands of impressions (exposures) at no cost – you only pay when customers click – and thereby return to your website.

An investment in remarketing is an investment in shaping your buyer’s journey before you even identify them. Additionally, there are a variety of strategies for how to best execute your overall remarketing efforts.

Here are four tactics to consider as you implement, test and tweak your next remarketing campaigns.

#1. Segment Audiences

Segmentation is key. Do not treat all your website visitors the same and do not target all of them in a single ad group.

Target visitors based on where they are in the funnel. Break them out by product, landing page, key searches or source to drive higher relevancy and to determine how nurturing you must be in your remarketing. For each segmented ad group, you can create different calls to action for various sales funnel success.

#2. Consider Google Remarketing Frequency Capping

There is a thin line between lightly reminding audiences about your brand and stalking them until they do not want to hear from you again. Frequency capping is how you set the number of times your ad gets displayed in a day, month or week to your targeted visitor.

Tackling and testing the settings here are crucial to the success of your campaign. Setting this up gets your brand seen and familiar without inundating your market with the same message. Utilise your analytics to best determine the frequency options for your campaign objectives.

#3. Re-Engage Visitors with Shopping Cart Bounces

There are all kinds of reasons why people leave websites without buying the products that are in their shopping carts. Sometimes, people just get busy or distracted.

Other times, they may have second thoughts. Whatever the reason, as soon as they have left, keep reminding those lost leads to come on back and continue your conversion process. These people are only a quick checkout away from becoming paying customers.

Take a look at the bounce rate for your pages or how your visitors are funnelling through your site, and see how you can go from there. Campaigns that continue to nurture their prospects based on their interests typically generate the most success.

Execute Your Remarketing Campaign with an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

Remarketing is an essential tool for putting your ads in front of shoppers who you already know are interested in what you are selling. To be able to communicate directly with these potential customers is a huge advantage, so follow these tips, and you might be well on your way toward reconnecting with shoppers who are an inch away from becoming customers.

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