Inside Word Series: Insights from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 9

What You Should Know about YouTube Advertising before You Start

With popularity and power of video as a form of marketing content, we are now turning to YouTube advertising to grow campaign reach, as any Adelaide digital marketing agency worth their salt should do. Over five billion YouTube videos are watched by people from across the globe and is the second biggest search engine after Google.

These statistics support the fact that advertising on YouTube is incredibly essential to position your brand in front of your target audience and gain more visibility.

The question to ask yourself now is if YouTube Advertising will work for your business, and what you should keep in mind should you decide to commence a YouTube campaign. Below are three things to consider before you start advertising:

Familiarise Different Types of Ads

You have a wide selection of YouTube ad formats to choose from. Ultimately, what you will choose will depend on your goals. The most common types are Trueview In-Stream Ads, Trueview Discovery Ads, and Bumper Ads.

TrueView allows you to only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ad. It is meant to specifically target users who show interest in your product, and if they are not, they can simply skip the video at no charge to you. Bumper ads play before videos do and are usually six seconds or less and viewers are not given the option to skip these.

Know Your Audience

It is important to know what your audience is interested in, what channels they subscribe to and what they usually type in when looking for videos before starting your YouTube advertising campaign. Even if your target audience is mostly business professionals, do not limit showing your ads on business-related videos.

Consider other types of videos, provided that you still target effectively.

Consider Return on Investment

Before jumping into any kind of advertising campaign, find out all that you can about the estimated return on your investment. While every YouTube ad campaign is going to be somewhat different, there are existing statistics based upon the industry that you are in, the type of advertising that you want to do, what your target demographic is, and how much you are planning to spend.

Doing your own research about YouTube video advertising is always a good idea. Once you know what works and what does not, you can make better decisions and ensure you hire the right company to do what you need done.

Get Started with YouTube Advertising with an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

YouTube ads are much more than the vexing 5-second previews viewers are forced to watch before the real video plays. They are an increasingly effective way to reach your target audience and eventually, grow your business and its profits.

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