Print Advertising Still Has it’s Place in Adelaide

Print advertising Adelaide

Print Advertising to the Right Audience

Print advertising in newspapers or via catalogues delivered to your letterbox still has its place in Adelaide. In fact, the cornerstone of good media planning is to segment your target audience and look at the media they consume.

Despite certain media advocates pushing the barrow for the own media channel, the research shows that all demographics consume all different kinds of media. The difference is the degree to which they consume them. Yes, even 28% of “millennials” (those born between 1980-1994) still read a newspaper on a weekly basis. Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia: Jun 2016

For older demographics, the numbers grow even higher:

  • 50-64 year olds – 61.50% read a newspaper on a weekly basis
  • 65+ year olds – 74.50% read a newspaper on a weekly basis

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia: Jun 2016

We Have an Ageing Population

We have an ageing population in Australia, including the relatively well-off “Baby Boomer” generation (born between 1946 – 1964). This generation is considered relatively well-off financially as they were able to buy into the property market at prices which when compared to today’s property prices, look like they stole those properties! Good luck to them.

What do we take from this?

There is a big percentage of the population who still consume newspapers and who have the purchasing power to buy your products. In today’s “youth culture”, marketers and businesses alike, often miss this big segment of the market.

Are you missing opportunities with your marketing?

We can book newspaper ads on your behalf in any newspaper and we design captivating advertisements to promote businesses just like yours.

Local Area Catalogues

Have you noticed that the “junk mail” bundle in your letterbox isn’t getting any smaller? If anything, it appears to be getting bigger. Have you noticed that big brands like Coles, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths, First Choice and many more national companies have flyers in your letterbox? Have you noticed that SME’s such as real estate agents and restaurants in your local area also have flyers in your letterbox?

All of these companies, large and small, advertise their products via catalogues because they are a cost -effective way of getting straight to householder. You can have a flyer, designed, printed and distributed into the letterbox for as low as 10c an item, depending on quantities produced. (Based on 100,000 single sided A4 flyers)

The Printed Material in Your Hands

There is something about a printed, glossy flyer that sits nicely in your hands where you can read in your own time, and refer back to it to check out the deals on offer. Digital communications are great and have their place, but sometimes it is just plain easier to read a printed piece.

If you would like a hand with putting together a local area marketing campaign, we can take care of this for you, including:

The Creative Process

This is the fun part! This is where the creative juices flow and are set with the challenge of:

  • Grabbing audience attention quickly
  • Developing offers which are appealing to the audience and in doing so, answer their age-old question of “What’s in it for me”?
  • Creating tactical hooks to get readers to act on what they have seen in your catalogue by visiting your website, your place of business, picking up the phone and booking an appointment or checking you out on social media
  • Designing the visual look and feel of your catalogue; and most importantly
  • Bringing all the elements together into a compelling and engaging visual message with a call-to-action to bring in more customers to your business.

The Outcomes

The objectives or outcomes we deliver for local area catalogue campaigns include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More traffic to your website
  • More customers to your business generally; and
  • More sales and business growth.

Do You Want to Know More?

If these kinds of outcomes appeal to you, and you would like to know more, let’s meet for coffee and discuss your next project. 

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