Inside Word Series: Insights From An Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 5

What Digital Marketing Strategies Attract Millennials?

Most Adelaide digital marketing agencies understand the challenge of getting and holding the attention of millennials because they are less likely to respond to traditional marketing methods. Marketers everywhere are struggling to come up with creative digital marketing strategies to reach out to millennials in the way that they understand and welcome.

They know all too well that if millennials are not part of a business’ customer base, they are missing out on a significant segment or demographic of their potential customers.

Millennials are practically living their lives online but they are still considered to be the hardest-to-reach generation. However, social media channels are still their main sources of news, opinions and debates.

Since social media plays such a huge role in the personal and professional lives of millennials, becoming a social business should also be one of your top priorities.

Marketing trends are always changing, but some digital marketing strategies remain consistent and effective. Thus, here are strategies your business can adapt to attract millennials:

Good Content

Good content always has and will be a great digital marketing strategy for every demographic. To properly reach millennials, instead of focusing marketing spend on ads, it is better to focus on writing valuable content, preferably content that is informational and actionable.

Millennials want information that can help them advance their personal and financial lives; if you provide them with that, they will more than likely think positively about your brand.

Social Media Engagement

It would be no surprise if every millennial has one social media account on several different social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – find where they spend most of their time and create opportunities for engagement there.

You can connect with them and talk about the latest company news and events, share pictures, share special deals and promotions, or run contests to better engage them with your brand.

Tapping Influencers

With millennials, you need to find the people they consider influential – social media stars that they find more real, authentic and accessible. Brands who associate themselves with social media influencers to use or recommend a product or service in a subtle and natural way often have great marketing success.

These influencers can tap their own networks and draw in more online participation with their audience and yours as well.

Mobile Optimisation

The easiest way to start tapping into the millennial generation is to reach them where they are – on a mobile device. Millennials are spending more time on their mobile devices than any other platform.

Whether they are texting, calling, browsing the web, or posting updates on their social media profiles, they cannot seem to take their hands off of their mobile devices. Since millennials spend so much time browsing the web on their phones, it is fairly rational and extremely crucial for your website to be mobile-optimised.

Tapping into the Millennial Generation with an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

The millennial generation is an important target audience for marketers in almost every industry to tap into. The digital marketing strategies mentioned aims to reach the millennial consumer and provide the best opportunity to convert them into customers.

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