Inside Word Series: Insights From An Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 4

Four Things Every Social Media Campaign Needs

Social media campaign needs to be part of your marketing mix – as any Adelaide digital marketing agency will tell you. Social media marketing offers another “opportunity to see” for customers to see your brand. It provides another brand touchpoint to reinforce your broader campaign which might cover multi-media such as TV, radio, email, print, Google and more.

Social media changes every day, but the ultimate goal of extending your brand’s reach and improving your business’ bottom line remains the same. Some social media marketing strategies are essential, while some you can do away with, it is important to know which is which. Any marketer starting out from scratch can be overwhelmed by the endless marketing strategy possibilities to include in their campaign, but here are four that are simply indispensable for your campaign’s success:

Must-Have #1 – Goals

The first step to planning a social media campaign is to map out a clear and objective-driven plan. Ask yourself what you are planning to achieve with your campaign – more outreach, a reduce in marketing costs, an increase in brand awareness – identify what you want and align your social media campaign to it.

You simply cannot move forward if you do not know where you are headed. First assess your brand’s needs and identify your goals before you start anything else.

Must-Have #2 – Target Audience

When it comes to social media campaigns, traditional and mass broadcasting never work because people are more inclined to share something they can personally resonate with. It is important to identify your target audience in order to create a more meaningful and more lasting impact accompanied by a well-informed, relevant and shareable message.

Must-Have #3 – Original & Creative Content

Original content is what boosts your online presence. In order to keep your brand’s following engaged and retained, businesses will need to consistently create new and engaging ideas, creative initiatives and captivating campaigns. Users are more likely to dissociate themselves with brands whose content are repetitive and monotonous.

Must-Have #4 – Community Management

Once you have established a following and have grown a community, management then is the next important step. With this, you are able to win influencers, manage complaints, partner up with other brands, and acquire valuable customer feedback. Community management is about monitoring to listen, engaging in conversations and moderating to protect your brand’s reputation on a daily basis.

Achieve Your Social Media Campaign Goals with an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

Great social media campaigns should affect more than your follower count. It should be able to grow your brand and help you reach your long-term goals.

Social media campaigns can only be crafted well when it is based on a careful strategy designed to fulfill your business goals which can only be successful if it is targeted to the right audience on the right platform.

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