Inside Word Series: Insights From An Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 3

The Essentials for Creating Eye-Popping Display Advertisements

All Adelaide digital marketing agency would know that images are far more effective and successful at grabbing people’s attention than just text alone. When display banners first surfaced, it did not immediately grow into popularity as many were sceptical of its lack of content and value that it was often deemed as untrustworthy. However, good digital marketing agencies recognise that an effective, eye-popping display advertisements today can do wonders for any business.

With its visual and targeting capabilities, display ads offer numerous benefits to a business – from visibility to brand awareness to an increase in customer conversion. In creating display banners, there are certain essentials to consider for a banner to be fully effective, and these are:


You must first and foremost clearly define your objective with display banners. If you lay out objectives, clearly set the lines on what you want it to do, and build it in a way that is going to do just that, then there will not be any reason for you not to produce eye-catching display banners that will yield your projected results.

Visual Appeal

Regular ads are in plain text only and oftentimes with character counts, which limit how quick and effective you will be able to grab attention and convey your message. By using display banners, you are able to incorporate graphics, photos, videos and your brand to stand out to users and attract the most attention possible. Make sure your display banner is visually appealing and all elements, such as font size and colour are appealing to the eyes without going overboard, to turn those casual glances into clicks.


You only have seconds to make a compelling impression on a user. Do not attempt to squeeze in so much information about your business on your display banners.

You will not need to display every detail because that is what a landing page is for. Use only simple but meaningful content that is easy to read. Always include a short call-to-action in every banner you make to generate good conversion results.

Your Logo

Studies have shown that brands that avoid over featuring their logos on a display banner have seen an increase in click-through-rates by 27 per cent. However, it is also important to note that allowing your logo and your brand message to be lost amongst promotional messaging might create problems in the long run.

Find the balance. Rather than featuring your logo, simply include it to build your brand image but also avoid it being your main imagery, as to not come across as hard advertising.

How an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You with Display Advertisements

In creating eye-popping display banners, the key is always finding a creative way to get your message out there. It all comes down to compelling, creative, concise and clear messaging. Strengthening the creative quality of display banners requires some work and investment, but the results it yields are always essentially significant.

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