Inside Word Series: Insights From An Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency, Part 2

Tips for Finding Customers Through SMS & MMS Mobile Marketing

A smart digital marketing agency is well-versed at finding customers in Adelaide by placing effective marketing messages where the most attention is focused. With today’s active and hustling individuals, more and more attention is focused on the screens of mobile devices and mobile marketing.

There is no doubt that mobile marketing has grown over the years. It is has shown a lot of promise to have been dubbed as the ‘future of marketing’.

It aims to reach a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices through social media, websites, apps, emails and SMS/MMS. As more brands look to target customers on the move, SMS and MMS are attracting more attention and are becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing.

The first thing you should know about SMS & MMS marketing is that you should always get the permission from your subscribers before sending them marketing messages to ensure that you remain in compliance with texting guidelines and rules. After permission is acquired, you may consider following these four SMS & MMS marketing tips to help you in finding customers:

Tip#1 Opt Customers In

Acquire more customers by asking them to ‘opt-in’ to your text-messaging list. SMS and MMS marketing have two basic components: a keyword and a shortcode.

Use a text-messaging service provider to get both. The keyword is placed in the body of the message and the shortcode is placed in the recipient box.

When a prospect sends this message, they are essentially opting-in to your campaign. You can then send them an automated response and/or add them to a database where they’ll be receiving more of your marketing texts over time.

Tip #2 Send Coupons/Promotions

Try creating an exciting initial text message offer with coupon codes or promotions rewarding customers with per cents off on their next purchase if they join your SMS/MMS subscriber list. This will more than likely generate more mobile opt-ins, build a bigger database and increase purchase conversion rates.

Tip #3 Polls and Surveys

Let customers answer surveys and cast votes on polls about popular issues or personal preferences all in relation to your business to encourage engagement. Surveys and polls let customers tell you what they think, which is invaluable information you can always use to your marketing advantage.

Tip #4 Send Photos and Videos

MMS allows you to send a dynamic photo of a brochure, a menu, an invitation to your upcoming event or send promotional videos of your business to your customers. Photos and videos can increase the impact of your plain text messages to help encourage customer engagement.

Hopping on the Mobile Marketing Trend with Assistance from an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

SMS/MMS marketing is a channel that effective advertisers and marketers must absolutely tap into. It is an efficient way to grab your audience’s attention so you can be where they are.

Text message marketing is already one of the most powerful ways to reach an audience, yet finding a way to maximising it is the real challenge.

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