3 Signs that it’s Time for a Brand Refresh

People sometimes go through ‘new look’ phases where they find another hairstyle or wardrobe style to sort of upgrade or transform themselves for the better. The same thing happens to businesses. It is similar in a sense, but it is more commonly known as a brand refresh.

BrandingSame Brand, New Look …

At hearing it for the first time, the term ‘brand refresh’ may sound like something drastic. You might think that it is almost as if you are completely changing the line of your business and everything with it.

Brand refreshes can be done in different ways which can either be minimal or extreme, from a change in the logo’s design or a complete brand redesign. It all depends on the current marketing situation of a business whether a minimal or complete redesign or refresh is necessary to attract more customers and audiences.

3 Signs You May Need a Brand Refresh

Deciding to do a brand refresh is something you do not do spontaneously, as a constant or unnecessary refresh can confuse your customers and maybe even turn them off. Instead of looking at your brand refresh as a transformation into something better, they might find you inconsistent or indecisive when it comes to your brand.

You have to do your brand refresh at the appropriate time. In fact, there are a few signs to look out for in order to determine whether you need a brand refresh or not, and here are some examples:

  1. Your Brand Logo was designed in 1988

Undoubtedly, your logo from 1988 looked sharp when it was first designed . . . But does it still look sharp?  It also goes with other designs but most of the time, if the logo is outdated or simply not marketable, every other design (posters, billboards, etc.) will look tired too. If you notice, even big businesses change and update their logo from time to time to keep looking attractive to the evolving audience. Some examples of such brands are Starbucks, Nivea, Instagram, and just recently, Google. A simple logo design can actually make the difference between your business contemporary and desirable or tired and jaded.

  1. Same, same …

Sometimes in order to have minimal expenses, businesses take brand designing into their own hands. While it saves money, most of the time designs end up looking like everyone else’s, or in other words, too generic. This was prevalent years ago, where businesses would often resort to clip art elements in order to create their logo or brand design. Clip art is something nearly everyone with Microsoft Word has access to, so the chances of seeing someone using the same elements can be incredibly high. Another thing is, clip art made logos or designs cannot be trademarked, so other people are free to use it whenever they want. While businesses in the past probably could not have helped it then due to the lack of design technology, modern businesses have no excuse not to have their own unique logo. With the help of Photoshop and other image editing tools, you have free range to experiment with several designs and even trademark the designs you make. If you are not familiar with such tools, invest in having a professional logo designer create one for you.

  1. You have made it big, but you have not changed ANYTHING since you started …                                   All successful businesses start small, but if it has been YEARS since you changed anything about your brand, it is time for a refresh. This only becomes more and more necessary when your sales and customers are increasing. Having a brand refresh will keep your customers interested about your brand. This may even excite them and make them stay loyal to it. Once you start seeing a significant increase in your sales and ROI, you should consider hiring brand professionals to keep your business fresh.

Have a Seamless Brand Refresh with the Right Kind of Help

There may be other signs telling you to consider a brand refresh, or you may not to be sure whether a brand refresh is the right move or not. In either case, you may ask for assistance or consult a local Adelaide marketing agency such as ours.

If you think it might be time for a brand refresh, give us a call at 1300 733 255 or through our drop us a line here

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