3 Strategies For Successful Online Video Advertising

When it comes to digital marketing, online video is still one of the best formats to advertise your business and get the attention of prospective customers.

In a day and age where there are so many methods to advertise your product or services, video is one of the most effective ways to make the most of your marketing campaign; the fact of the matter is attention spans are decreasing, and more consumers prefer video content as opposed to long-form sales pages.

According to Wyzowl.com, 85% of businesses use video marketing as a tool, which means if you aren’t utilizing this form of advertising then 2020 is the year to start.

Online video advertising will generate leads of hot buyers ready to try your product or service – as long as you can hold their attention, your sales will increase.

Another benefit of online video advertising is that it is surprisingly inexpensive; you no longer need a professional-grade video camera to shoot content. Instead, you have a perfectly good camera in your smartphone.

As you’ll learn in this article, you don’t have to post commercials anymore – online video ads can be as simple as a home video or customer testimonial.

Let’s take a look at three online video ad strategies that you can start implementing this quarter:

  1. YouTube Ads

The best place to run your video ads is before other related videos; in this case, the consumer is already ready to watch content. If you can present your advertisement in a manner that is both entertaining and related to what the YouTube user is watching, that’s a powerful way to capture attention.

The key here is not salesy advertisement; the more genuine, the better.

It can be as simple a selfie-style message from you or an employee, describing the benefits of your service or showing what you have to offer.

2. Facebook Post

If you have an active Facebook Page for your business, a simple video posted to your following that highlights a new (or existing) product or service can generate a fresh batch of leads or customers.

The major upside to a simple Facebook post is it’s free; you are taking advantage of your pre-existing audience. Also, since they are on your page, they already know who you are and have expressed interest in your or what you have to offer

It can be as simple as a video demonstrating your product or service in action.

3. Instagram Story Ads

Story ads are a great way to get attention while your consumers are in an ‘active’ state as opposed to a ‘passive’ state.

When a consumer is watching stories on Instagram, they are viewing posts by their friends and family; when your story ad appears, they are primed to watch your advertisement.

Make sure to maintain their attention; be quick, funny, and memorable.

If you want to see examples of great online video ads or to get help from a team of digital marketing experts, contact Marketing Catalyst for a free consultation.