Adelaide Digital Agency Shares Game-Changers for Your Google Ads Strategies

On average, every $1 spent on Google Ads equates to a $2 return.

To calculate your own ROI, subtract your spend from campaign revenue, before you divide that number by your cost.

ROI = (Revenue – Costs) / Costs

Like any marketing stat, the $1 becomes $2 makes a hell of a lot of assumptions. The most presumptuous of which is that you’re doing Google Ads correctly.

In this short post, we will quickly share tips on how you can optimise your Google Ads campaigns to squeeze the best possible ROI from your Google ads to drive results and drum up business. 

Target Ads on Locations Where You’ll Find Your Audience

If your offers are local, your ads have to be location-specific.

If you’re promoting a service/product to an audience in South Australia, every time someone in Sydney sees your ad, or worse clicks it, you’re paying for a useless impression.

Take the time to think about, and then back your assumptions up with cold hard facts and research, which locations will reach the majority of your consumer base.

If your consumer base is mostly in Adelaide, think about whether they live in the city or the suburbs. Then ask yourself, which suburbs?

Refine your target location as much as possible. It will not just save on your spend, but also help you to achieve a higher conversion rate. Google ads will let you target the following:

Countries, cities, suburbs can all be targeted, and on a more granular level you can target postcodes and locations and set up a radius around these locations.

Say, for example, you are an internet provider, and your network doesn’t fall nicely within one suburb but snakes along a main road, you could target 2,3,4 postcodes and configure multiple radiuses to capture only homes and businesses that fall within your footprint. And that my friend, is why you need a digital marketing expert in your corner.

Raise the Quality Score for Your Google Ads

As we’ve said time and time again, quality is the key to creating effective Google ads. Google’s software will analyse every part of your ad and give you a score. This score can make or break you. 

The algorithm will look at your ad’s bid amount, keywords, and even the landing pages that the ad points to. Based on this assessment, Google will then assign a quality score between 1 and 10.

A higher quality score will impact your Google search ranking and gives you better chances of conversion.

Google is pretty smart. The easiest way to improve your quality score is to create an ad that is easy and helpful for the searcher. In 2021, relevance is extremely important and so is the user’s experience. Stick to your keyword group and keep your landing page specific to the keywords used in the ad.

Optimize Your Landing Page by Considering Google Ad Relevance

Google’s AI asks two questions when it examines your landing pages.

1 – Is this page useful?

2 – is this page relevant to the ad?

You need to ask the same questions, and you need to optimise until the answer to both is an unequivocal yes!

Here’s an example straight from Google that’s intended to serve as advice on improving the relevance and experience of your landing page.

“So, if someone has searched for “socks with polka dots,” one of your top keywords, and Google serves your ad, then the person clicks your ad only to find striped socks and plain white socks, the landing page is no longer useful to the searcher.” — link to a whole page of info on how to improve your Google ads.

What I’d recommend you do to appease Google’s love for socks is build out two landing pages and run two campaigns. One for striped socks and one for plain white socks. Potentially overkill for selling socks, but you see what I’m getting at, right?

Get Expert Help and Results With Google Ads

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