How to Engage Your Audience With Online Videos

engage with video

In 2020 a study by Biteable found that 60% of businesses are using videos in their marketing.

And this wyzowl study found that 86% of marketers said video has increased traffic and 78% said video marketing directly increased their sales.

But here’s the thing, videos are expensive. Done right and the ROI is incredible, but hot damn you can decimate a marketing budget if you screw up videos and have nothing to show for it. 

That’s why we’d like to share our expertise. We launched hundreds of video marketing campaigns and learned what works and what doesn’t. Following this post, you can avoid rookie mistakes and put out videos that get results.

Other benefits of Video Marketing  

– Video can reduce customer support calls. (Saves money on support)
– improve customer understanding of your product. (Qualifies leads)

– Increase dwell time on page (Improves Page Authority and Google Ranking)

You Have 8 Seconds to Grab Attention!

When designing a website, they teach you to put the attention grabbers “Above the Fold”.

Fold? Websites don’t fold? Correct, but the term predates the internet and originated in print marketing. Short attention spans are nothing new.

You still only have around 8 seconds to show the audience something interesting or they’ll go find something else to watch.

Slap a scroll-stopper right at the very beginning of your video.

Making an educational video? Hint at what you’re about to teach. Making a product video? show off the biggest benefit.

We want everything fast and easy and we want it now. Stop thinking so hard and trying to be clever. Do what works and chuck something your audience actually cares about right at the beginning of your video.  

Focus on Delivering Value and Everything Else with Fall into Place

There’s only one reason someone will watch your videos and that’s because they want to.

Target a motivation. Understand it and then make that the sole driving force that informs your video content creation.

People watch tutorials to learn. A tutorial that’s watched until the end and shared and engaged with is one that succeeds in teaching. You can try to use humour. Or you can impress, delight or surprise.

Shift the focus. Don’t start at, “what do I want to tell my customer?”. Think, “what does the customer want to know?” and then your implementation is marrying your needs with theirs
I know, I know. This is all sounding very fluffy. But seriously, just try it. We’ve turned around hundreds of company’s video marketing strategies and doubled or tripled ROI, by just switching the focus from us to them.

Include a call to action

What do you want the viewer to do next?

This is one of the most important considerations when creating a marketing video, and it’s often forgotten. Unless creating marketing videos is your hobby, you’re pushing the viewer towards pushing a specific and pre-determined action.

So, when the time is right, tell them what you want them to do. A CTA can be a simple “visit our website” or “call us today”, or if you’re early in the journey you might want an email address or to get them to opt in to more of your late stage content.

Get an expert’s help

Speaking of calls to action, Marketing Catalyst can help you make impactful videos that will reach and engage the right people. Contact us today for a free consultation.